Liquid Injection Molding System (LIMS)


GYF incorporate 3 major processes to product rubber and silicone rubber products to customers namely Liquid Injection Molding, Compression Molding and Extrusion.

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Liquid Injection Molding System (LIMS)

LIMS is a new type of molding system that metered fine liquid silicone rubbers (two liquid components) precisely and consistently by special molding equipment. It has a metered delivery pump unit and a injection unit equipped with a mixing apparatus, typically a dynamic mixer or static mixer.

A typical LIMS system in GYF A typical LIMS system in GYF

Basic configuration of a LIMS molding machine
  1. Injection unit

    An advantage of LIMS systems is that molding can be done at low injection pressures. The user sets the pressure and injection rate.

  2. Metering unit

    A pump pressurizes the liquid components (A & B), which are metered accurately and ejected simultaneously at a constant ration (1:1).

  3. Materials supply unit

    The pails (or drums) of liquids A and B are set in place to connect with the pumps.

  4. Mixing unit

    The two components are mixed thoroughly by a dynamic or static mixer. The mixture is pressurized and injected directly into the mold.

  5. Shut-off nozzle

    The nozzle features a shut-off mechanism, preventing the molding compound from leaking from the nozzle.

  6. Mold clamping unit

    The mold is clamped and opened in coordination with the operation of the supply unit, metering pump and injection unit.

  7. Mold

System Characteristic

Excellent material properties

  • Excellent heat resistance, high strength and flame retardancy.
  • Can produce high transparency product or can be colored easily.

Reduced molding time

  • Addition-cure liquid silicone is used , so cure time is short.

Improved productivity

  • The system uses liquid materials and so molding can be done at low injection pressures that suitable for molding high precision parts .
  • Contaminants are kept out and reduce yield lost due to contamination.

Automated molding

  • Can be used for flashless, runnerless molding/
  • After curing , molded items eject easily, so the molding process can be automated.

More eco-friendly molding

  • No by-products are produced in the curing reaction. Flashless, runnerles molding eliminated the need for disposal of waste material, so the manufacturing process is gentler to the environment.

recently replaced 6 new sets of vertical type LIMS having more precise control feeding mechanism to assist our customer to produce parts having more complex shape and overmolded product with plastic or metal framework. The vertical type LIMS system in GYF can help to simplify the overmold tooling design that compared with horizontal type of LIMS as inserts can be hold within mold by gravity while horizontal type tooling need to have special design holding mechanism to secure the insert in the tooling. Customer having overmolded product projects or dedicated silicone rubber products, please feel free to contact us to support you in the Contact Information page or leave you massage in the massage box in the Home page.